• The World's Leading Investment Mind Has Been   


  • Mike Stathis is the best financial analyst in the world. He is also the most widely banned financial expert in U.S. history. Learn why.

  • ALL MEDIA is controlled by the JEWISH MAFIA, which engages in Massive Fraud

  • The Media Doesn't Want You to Know the Truth 

  • Advertisers Control ALL Media Content

  • The Media's Goal is to Promote Clowns as Experts

    The Media Works With Wall Street to Rip You Off

  • Find Out What the Wall Street and Media Cabal Don't Want You to Know. Learn how to beat them at their own game.

  • AVA Investment Analytics Provides Research from

    the Best Investment Forecaster in the World

  • Stathis holds the Best Forecasting Track Record Since 2006.       

    Check his track record [1][2][3][4][5][6

  • Mike Stathis is neither a perma-bear nor perma-bull. He is a real investment analyst.  Perma-bears and perma-bulls are NOT credible.

  • Mike's ability to see what others cannot has enabled those who have had access to his research to make tremendous amounts of money 

  • Mike's rise as the World's Greatest Analyst began during his early years working on Wall Street

  • Today, he publishes investment research far superior to anything coming out of Wall Street

  • Skeptical?  Check His Track Record Yourself [1][2][3][4][5][6]

  • Don't Rely on Clowns and Disinformation. If you are not able to think for yourself you will always be a slave to scam artists.   

  • If You Keep Listening to the Media, You Will Keep Losing Money

  • AVA Investment Analytics is World's Best Source of

    Investment Research & Investor Education 

  • Mike Stathis' advice and research have been utilized by multi-billion dollar mutual funds, hedge funds & pension plans

  • AVA Investment Analytics is the World's Best investment research firm. Mike Stathis serves as the firm's chief investment strategist


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Membership Resources

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  • All of the content is UNIQUE, with no reposting or rehashing of news.
  • Virtually all of these articles and videos are extremely educational; you aren't going to get this education ANYWHERE ELSE.
  • Most videos were made by Mike Stathis exposing the reality behind these charlatans, crooks and idiots.

2. Partial Content from the Intelligent Investor (Opening Statements)

  • These publications will be on a delayed basis and will be restricted to brief economic analysis, commodities overviews and/or general market discussion.
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3. Partial Content from the CCPM Forecaster (Opening Statements)

  •  These publications will be on a delayed basis and will be restricted to brief economic analysis, commodities overviews and/or general market discussion.
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4. Partial Content from Dividend Gems (Opening Statements)

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5. Full Access to the Member Video Library (2012 through current)

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  •  This is our newest addition of unique content, featuring random, unrehearsed, unedited audios of Mike discussing everything from economics and investment tips to politics, media fraud and con men.
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  • We continue to add publications to this section as we find noteworthy reports.



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  • Special global economic presentations (written, video and live webinars).


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11. Full Access to the World's Most Comprehensive and Educational Portal Exposing Charlatans - The Encyclopedia of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heros.

  •  Click here for a brief introduction (note the full resource is enormous)


12. Full Access to the AVAIA Image Library - Our Newest Resource!

  • The world's largest, most accurate and insightful image database exposing media charlatans and their tactics.
  • Access to this database alone is estimated to save investors tens of thousands of dollars and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life by understanding who to avoid.
  • A collection of more than 5000 annotated images exposing the tricks used by the media as well as financial charlatans to fool people. 
  • A very organized database enabling users to sort by category and subcategory. 
  • Contains hundreds of categories and subategories to optomize the search process.

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13. Full Access to Our Track Record Image Database 

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In addition to the numerous educational videos accessible in the Member Video Library as well as complete access to more than 800 articles and dozens of special documents hand-selected by Mike Stathis on the website, including our legendary Encyclopedia of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes


All New Members and Membership Renewals will receive complimentary access to the following publications:

2.5 hour video presentation – 4 videos.
Normally, this publication sells for $249.
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 BONUS #2: “Brazil Economic Analysis"        
3-part video series published on Nov. 15, 2013.


Normally, this publication sells for $99.

Click here for more information. 
 BONUS #3: United Kingdom “Big Picture Analysis”
30-minute video presentation published Dec. 2011.
Normally, this publication sells for $50.

 Bonus #4: 2012 Mid-Year Global Economic Analysis     
300-page report that's just as relevant today as when it was first released.
Normally, this publication sells for $399.
Click here for more information.
  • This 300-page blockbuster report (click here for more information) is guaranteed to help you understand what has happened and what to expect better than anyone you know, including your financial adviser.  
  • This is a VERY insightful report with detailed discussions on several nations in Europe, the United States, United Kingdom, China, India, Japan and several others. We also provide excerpts of our economic analysis and forecasts since 2009.
  • In addition to the detailed written analysis, this report contains 1000 of the best charts, tables and figures to assist readers in understanding what is going on and what to expect.
  • We also dedicate several pages to discuss and explain the sovereign debt crisis, offering critical analysis you are not likely to get ANYWHERE ELSE. 
  • This is the single most comprehensive and insight publication on the global economy, and remains very insightful even today.  
Bonus #5: Canada Economic Analysis        

This 21-page report is even more relevant today than when it was first released.

Normally, this publication sells for $50.
Click here and here for more information.


Bonus #6: Europe's Deflationary Future         

This 24-page report predicted Europe's deflationary spiral.                  

It will remain relevant for many years to come.

This publication has previously been valued at $200.
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Bonus #7: “Brazil Economic Analysis"
3-part video series published on Nov. 15, 2013.

Normally, this publication sells for $99.

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 Bonus #8: June 2015 Global Economic Analysis

This 40-minute video was previously only available to research clients.                  

We have valued this presentation at $200.


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Bonus #9: Fundamental & Technical Analysis Of 20 Stocks Trading Over $100

20-video series (more than 6 hrs) of securities analysis published in April 2012.

This publication originally sold for $1000.
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 Bonus #10: 60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves

9 videos (6 hrs) analyzing 60 stocks Mike felt would make huge moves.


Originally this publication sold for $899 when it was publishd in May 2012.

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Bonus #11: Access to the 2013-2014 Market Forecasting Video Folder
After reviewing these economic reports, we guarantee you will be much more knowledgeable about what has happened, what is currently happening and what to expect in the global economy than anyone you come across, including ALL financial advisers, fund managers, business and finance professors, etc.

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Mike Stathis’ track record (before the launch of our newsletters)



In addition to complete access to the massive publication, the ENCYCLOPEDIA of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes (which is constantly growing), in addition to having full access to the constantly growing list of extremely educational and insightful articles written by Mike & Co. (over 1000 articles to date), we also provide Members with access to numerous videos contained in the Member Video Library.

If your intent is to learn about investments from one of the leading authorities in the world, website Membership offers an initial entry.

We are constantly adding videos to the Member Video Folders all the time. Some of these videos are Global Economic Analysis presentations from the Intelligent Investor (released on a delayed basis), some are securities analysis videos, all are extremely educational.

Below is a list of videos currently available to Members.










The newest addition to the content reserved for Members and Cients is the MP3 Audio Library. 


MP3 Audio Library

(we are constantly adding to the library)






Premium Members receive access to the following special video series. 


60 Stocks Poised for Huge Moves

this series of video presentations was published in May 2012 and led to a huge percentage of winning trades. It is presented here for educational purposes only

(the following collection of securities analysis videos is set for release within the next 6 months for Members)



Analysis of 20 Stocks Trading Over $100

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We focus on our MEMBERS & CLIENTS rather than writing content to fit the agendas of financial firms and other corporate sponsors which are found on 99.99% of all websites and blogs.


Because ad-based content is designed to draw in large volumes of readers, the content is not only slanted, it's GARBAGE.


You might want to take a look at the dangers of free content.



Mike Stathis, our chief investment strategist did.


Mike is the ONLY Wall Street insider who exposed the FULL reality about mutual funds.


See here and here.


Of course you can also read more about the realities of mutual funds in Mike's landmark investment book, the Wall Street Investment Bible.


Knowing this information alone could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you.


No one in the financial industry has ever exposed the dirty secrets of mutual funds for one of two reasons. They are either too ignorant to know about them or they do not want to jeopardize losing money from ad sponsors and such.


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Membership Resources Lite Membership Cost (one year) is $499 Premium Membership Cost (one year) is $699   Both Lite and Premium Members receive unrestricted access to all articles publis...