Top 20 Gimmicks and Lies of Gold Charlatans - 100 pg e-book

Among his other amazing forecasts, Mike Stathis is the ONLY financial professional in the world to have timed the gold and silver bull and bear market, starting with recommendations to clients to buy select gold stocks in late 2001, as well as his recommendation to buy gold and silver ETFs in his landmark 2006 book, America's Financial Apocalypse, to his warnings about a gold bubble that would rise to 1500 to 2000 and then burst and continue a downward trend for many years.
View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere, here, here and here
Note that Mike Stathis does NOT make any money selling precious metals, precious metals ads, securities, or ads of any kind. He is a true research analyst and is arguably the world's best today. If you are not listening to Mike Stathis, you are probably going to lose your ass.
It is also important to note that Mike has never recommended purchase of physical gold or silver for investment purposes, but rather gold and silver ETFs due to the lack of liquidity and presence of huge fees seen with physical gold and silver. This recommendation accounts for the main reason why he has been completely blackballed from so-called alternative media (since alternative media consists of huge gold pumpers).
Mike has also been blacklisted by the so-called mainstream media because they do not want people to know the facts in advance or to ppint out who is respeonsible or the fraud.
This publication has a total length of over 100 pages and contains some of Mike's most compelling and insightful analyses and conclusions regarding the gold pumping syndicate.
Because of the effort required to create this publication (reports of this length and depth typically require more than 300 hours to complete) as well as the valuable education provided in this report (each of Mike's articles could easily save investors thousands of dollars by preventing them from being taken), this publication in its entirety is only available to Clients and Members.  However, as a part of our continuing efforts to expose investment fraud, con men and complete idiots positioned by the media as "experts," we have made a portion of the introduction available to the general public.
Keep in mind that when you decide whether or not to listen to the ideals of someone, it is critical to determine their credibility and agendas.
So how does Mike stack up in terms of credibility?
As most of you already know, Mike holds the leading investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006.

View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere, here, here, here and here.

In fact, Mike is the only person we know of to have ever attached a $100,000 reward available to anyone who could prove that he doesn’t hold the leading investment forecasting track record in the world.
What about agendas or bias? 
Does Mike get paid by outside interests to promote precious metals or securities? Absolutely not.
It is critical to keep in mind that Mike does not sell advertisements, precious metals or securities. Therefore, he has NO agendas.
I challenge you to find another financial professional who does not receive any form of compensation from the sales of securities, precious metals, or advertisements.
Mike has also emerged as one of the world's foremost authorities on investment-related and consumer fraud.
As perhaps the sole voice of reason pertaining to precious metals…that is to say, having accurately predicted the bull market and having warned investors about gold dealers and the gold bubble…Mike has revealed the layers surrounding this fraudulent scheme for several years now.
Ask yourself why you never see Stathis' work discussed on any gold websites.
Ask why you will never hear him being interviewed by gold dealers.
Ask yourself why very few gold pumpers or gold dealers have any credibility.
Ask yourself why some gold pumpers even refuse to give you their real name.
Ask yourself why some gold pumpers have moved to second and third world nations while carrying out their "business," and/or have appeared on the scene only around the time of the financial crisis.
Ask yourself why every gold pumper always says the same thing, always makes excuses when gold and silver decline, never provide you with an exit strategy, and always insist you buy physical metals.
Of course the answer to each of these mysteries is a bit different, but you can pretty much sum it up with the following...
They are all lying con men and idiots who are being paid to pump gold and silver to sheep.
Mike is a real investment professional with excellent credentials, an excellent track record, no agendas (he does not sell gold, silver, advertisements or securities) and he has worked in the financial industry as a professional since the 1990s.
Wake up and smell the coffee. All sources that discuss and publish material about gold and silver are NOT legit sources of unbiased info.
They are providing you with cheap infomercials!! Stop being taken for a fool.
For those who insist on remaining skeptical despite Stathis' world-leading investment track record, his absence of agendas and his results-based research and insights, it is important to keep in mind that he was recommending gold investments as early as late-2001 while working on Wall Street.
Check into every single precious metal dealer and you will see that their one-sided bull shit sales pitch is designed specifically to convince you that your financial safety relies on you buying gold and silver. But not just any form of gold and silver, such as through ETFs, which are the least expensive way to own them, not to mention the only way to own a liquid version of these illiquid metals.
Are their claims true? Do they have any validity? 
According to Mike Stathis, the answer is NO. They are trying to swindle you.
They pull this scam by creating an endless array of lies AND by repeating them over and over using advertisements, documentaries, conferences, websites, and so forth. The gold and silver pumping scam has been the big fraud of the post-financial crisis era. And no one is talking about it EXCEPT Mike Stathis.
Check into every precious metals promoter (websites, conferences, radio shows) and you will see that every single person who promotes precious metals dealers is selling ads for precious metals and similar items that fit into the doomsday theme. 
Would you really go to a real estate broker if you wanted to find out of it was a good time to buy a house?  
If so then you are very naive.
The same situation exists with seeking out information about the economy and precious metals. The last person you would want to pay attention to are precious metals dealers and those who make money selling precious metals and related ads.
During the California Gold Rush of the 1800s, most of the people who struck it rich weren't gold miners. The guys who really made a fortune were the ones who opened general stores. They made a killing selling these hopeful gold prospectors supplies.
This is exactly how the current precious metals scam will play out as well. The guys who make all the money will be those who are selling you the precious metals, doomsday products and those who sell advertisements.
If you are interested in being exposed to the best source of insight you need to seek out the views of individuals who have no bias, no agendas and who have very good track records.
I can guarantee you will NEVER find such individuals who talk up gold and silver.

As Mike has been warning, if you pay attention to ad-based content your life is going to suffer in many ways. And by the time you truly realize this it might be too late.



Doomsday douche bags and gold charlatans come in all varieties, from smooth talking sharks who claim to be investment experts (despite their lack of professional experience), to fruit loops who continue to predict hyperinflation and destruction of the dollar, year after year.
Their propaganda campaign has been in the making for a number of years and it has been elaborately engineered.
No expense has been spared to carry out this grand production because the payoff is enormous, from 10% to 40% commissions on every dollar they convince their sheep to lay down on gold and silver.
The plot is simple. Convince naive and/or unsophisticated individuals that the dollar is headed to 0, hyperinflation is inevitable, and the stock market is going to collapse by as much as 80%.
Next, position gold and silver as your savior from doom.
With a scenario like that, people rarely even think about the high commissions they are paying for gold and silver. They focus on buying as much as they can. The entire scam constitutes fraud. 
In order to carry out this heist, these charlatans utilize one of the oldest and most common tricks used by the media. I call it the flooding approach. That is, if you get several individuals constantly delivering the same message, most people will accept it as true.
This giant wave of deceit and fraud features numerous conferences, events and other platforms created specifically for the purpose of advancing the countless lies, myths and scare tactics all of which comprise the case for gold and silver as a way to protect yourself from the destruction of all currencies.
These con men are seen and heard everywhere you look, from mainstream and alternative media, to thousands of websites and radio stations.
Their online presence is inescapable. No matter where you turn, you will see ads for gold and silver and doomsday scenarios on virtually every website containing ad-based content, pointing to just how much money is involved in pumping the precious metals doomsday sales pitch.
The gold/silver doomsday scam has offered hope for thousands of unemployed individuals who now support themselves by serving as whores for Google via Adsense, whether it be by pimping ads for precious metals on their website or their You Tube channel.
Some even hold a day job, but greed has gotten the best of them so they too have become paid whores for the highly deceptive precious metals industry. They have become small-scale versions of Peter Schiff, Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, spewing all kinds of ridiculous statements and scare tactics.
Working part time, there have been some who have managed to bring in a six-figure income selling precious metals and doomsday ads through their gold pumping websites and You Tube channels as a part-time gig.  

And of course we cannot forget about the guys pitching gold "chocolate bars" which are marketed as a way to "protect the value of your currency."
In fact, these awkward thin slabs of gold are even positioned as a real currency that might place one at a huge advantage during high inflation.
Wow. The suggestive nature of this pitch is alarming, especially considering the fact that the main pitch man is a licensed securities professional, supposedly with strict oversight by FINRA and the SEC. 

As you can imagine, if you want to rip people off and get away with it, it pays to be Jewish, especially when you work in industries completely controlled by the Jewish Mafia.

After you purchase this "gold currency," it immediately loses 8% of its value due to the fees paid to the vender.
Oddly, these venders never mention this reality. I wonder why. 
And we certainly cannot leave out all of those self-proclaiming "patriots, liberty-lovers and capitalists" who sell non-government issued silver coins that cannot even be used as monopoly money, but which are being sold for prices much higher than the spot metal price. I'm willing to bet that a good deal of these coins contain less silver than advertised.
It is indeed amazing just how gullible the general population has become.
I do not know what is more depressing; the gullible nature of the general population or the large and growing number of con men in the population looking to suck every penny from everyone they can (continued for Members and Clients).  
Regardless of the angle utilized to herd the sheep, all of these doomsday charlatans have a few things in common.
And now I shall discuss 20 of the Most Common Characteristics of Gold Charlatans.
After you read this analysis, you will fully understand how these scam artists operate and how they have fooled millions with their snake oil.

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